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Phocuswright Conference 2015: Battleground and Travel Innovation Summit Roundup

I recently wrote a roundup article on Phocuswright’s Battleground and Travel Innovation Summit from the November 2015 conference.


Since 2008, The Travel Innovation Summit(TIS) at The Phocuswright Conference has provided a platform for a select group of industry visionaries to promote their ideas globally, gaining new partners, customers and suppliers in the process. And they’ve received monetary support. As of April 2015, 158 TISinnovators had presented, with 87 of them attracting more than $1.3 billion as a result of funding and acquisitions (excluding IPOs).

The global travel industry continues to grow impressively, and is now pegged as a$1.3 trillion market. In recent years, new entrants such as Airbnb and Uber have risen to top of the pile of travel startup “unicorns.” With their stratospheric valuations, they have fueled the dreams of a new generation of travel entrepreneurs.

On November 16-18, 2015, The Phocuswright Conference in Hollywood, Florida presented The Battleground and The Travel Innovation Summit. Together, the two events featured an array of innovators harnessing the latest technological advances in computing power, connectivity, location-awareness, data mining and online community. The inaugural, four-hour Battleground event on November 16 provided a chance for 21 early-stage startups that might not otherwise have had the funds to participate in the full Travel Innovation Summit to pitch and advance to one of four available spots at the TIS. See here for a detailed analysis of the Battlegroundcompanies.

The Travel Innovation Summit itself featured presentations from 38 travel innovators (plus the four Battleground winners) delivered over the course of three, three-hour sessions on November 17-18. See here for a roundup of all theTIS participants, and view the list of winners here.

This Analysis examines all 59 innovators that participated in The Battlegroundand The Travel Innovation Summit from the standpoint of their Area(s) of Focus, in an effort to highlight trends and spotlight up-and-coming ideas and technology in travel.


  • Introduction
  • Areas of Focus
  • What’s Hot and What’s Not
  • Conclusion


(a Phocuswright “Innovation” subscription is required):

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